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All You Need To Know About Water Tank Heaters & Its Required Maintenance

Families need a hot water for many important daily tasks. Taking a shower before work, rinsing the dishes or doing a load of laundry isn’t easy when the hot water heater keeps breaking down. Are you concerned that your water heater system is close to collapse? Hot water tank installing experts in Edmonton share some of the top reasons why most water heaters fail.


Eventually, every appliance will one day succumb to the inevitable deterioration that age causes. While proper maintenance can certainly increase longevity, there will one day be a need for replacement. For most water heaters, especially older models, the limit is around ten years. So, if you’ve been using a water heater system for a decade or longer, it may be time for a new one.

Accumulated sediment

The water that constantly flows through your tank has varying amounts of minerals and chemicals. The levels will vary depending on the condition the water source. Over time, these materials will accumulate, creating a thick layer of sediment at the bottom of your tank. This accumulation of debris can make it very difficult for your water heater to do its job, because it must work through the sludge to make the water reach the desired temperature.

The stress of performing this action day in and day out for months or years will lead to premature breakdown of your entire system. Occasionally draining and cleaning the tank will prevent this from happening. However, if you’ve neglected this maintenance task for a long time, the damage may have already taken its toll. Hot water tank installers can save you from al the hassles and thus, you should call the experts immediately.

Poor air quality

Combustion requires the intake of air. However, if the air is of poor quality, or contains corrosive fumes, then it will eventually destroy the inside of your tank. Make sure you keep harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia far away from your water heater system.

High water pressure

High water pressure is problematic for your water heater and your plumbing system in general. 80 psi should be the maximum water pressure, if your current pressure is higher than you need to fix the issue before it causes permanent damage to your pipes, fixtures and appliances.

Rust Water heater tanks contain rods called “sacrificial anodes”. Their job is to prevent the tank from corroding by attracting contaminants to themselves. Over time, they will deteriorate. Be