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What Are The Reasons Your Bathtub Isn’t Holding Water?

Are your dreams of relaxing in a bubble bath going down the drain (literally)? Don’t get too disappointed. When you notice your tub water draining prematurely, the fix is usually quite simple. Well, it’s not that simple to get it fixed by DIY steps from the Internet and thus, it is smart to call the professionals who provide proper plumbing services in Edmonton.

The primary cause

When your tub won’t hold water, it’s almost always the bathtub drain stopper that’s to blame. In most cases, the problem is that the drain stopper has become disconnected from the plug or spring that connects it with the linkage, which connects the drain stopper to the trip lever. Luckily, it takes less than an hour to adjust your stopper so by making this quick fix you’ll no longer have to worry about wasting your precious hot water.

Putty fix

When the gasket has failed on your pop-up drain and no longer acts as a seal to keep water in the tub, plumber’s putty offers a temporary fix until you can replace the gasket. Plumbers use this putty in drains and other fittings to prevent leaks. You will notice that they have rolled a bit of putty between their hands and making a snakelike shape long enough to encircle the drain. The process is easy for them by lifting up the pop-up drain and covering the leaky gasket with the putty, and then again closing the drain on the putty. This is a one-time fix, as you’ll need to remove the putty when you drain the tub.

Toilet plunger

Clean the rubber end of a toilet plunger in the sink with soap and water. Set the plunger over the drain hole in the tub, pressing down on it to form a seal. Remove the wooden handle – unless you want to look at it while you bathe – and fill the tub with water. If the hole for the wooden handle goes all the way through, leave the handle in the plunger.

If you tried everything you could on your own, it’s time to call in a professional plumbing service. Bathtub and shower drain issues, like other plumbing problems, might be easy fixes or might require tools and expertise that the average homeowner simply does not have.